Saturday, February 23, 2008

welcome to the blog site of alohaʻia

Maya and Paul ~ Maui ~ February 20,2008
photo ~ Richard Marks

Aloha and welcome to alohaʻia the new website and blog of Richard Marks!

The alohaʻia website launch was officially on February 1, 2008, and I am very pleased that it is already receiving rave reviews. It seems like the one common word that I am receiving in my ongoing feedback to describe is: "exquisite!".

I have already had a number of clients book with me and receive the 20% web launch celebration discount which I am offering to all new clients who book packages during the month of February.

I am quite excited to now have a blog along with my new website. My blog will provide the opportunity for me to share information with you about my upcoming photo shoots and weddings, feature a few images from my most recent photo shoots and "talk story" about items of interest concerning alohaʻia.

I would like to send my congratulations to my new clients Maya and Paul for their upcoming wedding in Maui that I will be photographing on August 3, 2008.

As a special wedding gift for Maya and Paul, I was quite happy to break free time from spending 12 -18 hours a day for the past month at my 2 computers designing my new website. It was wonderful to break open some time to extend the gift to Maya and Paul of a complimentary engagement photo shoot. They came to Maui last week to visit from their home in the San Francisco Bay Area to fine tune the details for their August Maui wedding.

I have just created a gallery of their photos in my gallery section of alohaʻia from their engagement photo session which was on February 20,
if you would like to see images of my most recent shoot. Maya and Paul have already posted some of their engagement photos on their new wedding website they have just begun designing:

Iʻd also like to extend my congratulations to Jessica and Brendon whose wedding I will be shooting on 6/7/08. They have also created a wonderful wedding website that features their upcoming wedding :

If you have any questions at all about my photography services please feel free to contact me at :

or call me on my business mobile:


Iʻd be happy to call you right back and absorb the main cost of the call.

I look forward to the possibility of connecting with you and making arrangements to deliver exquisite photos your way!

In closing, as I shared on my website, I feel that it is a deep honor for me each time I receive the request to photograph a wedding, a family or an individual. I do everything in my means to deliver my clients exquisite photos, photographed with the deepest spirit of aloha (which often includes surprise gifts!) and with the highest technical and artistic standards possible.

With warm aloha to you and your alohaʻia,

Richard Marks

I will be adding new galleries to my website in the next few weeks, and will be creating a special surprise offer for my clients each month, so feel free to stop back and visit my website and blog as often as your heart finds delight in it !

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