Saturday, May 17, 2008

Emergency! What precious belongings do we take with us?


I was just checking the news this morning in these challenging times and I came upon this powerful photo of a Chinese couple carrying all their belongings and fleeing their home in China that had just been leveled by an earthquake.

For a moment I tried to imagine if I was in a similar position what would I bring? Photos of my beloved grandmother, my family, a precious book, my most recent journal, my 100 year old Gibson mandolin and Martin 12 string guitar, my laptop and last but not least all my cameras, and a heavy back pack filled with my flashes and lenses, and several hard drives filled with precious images would most likely be what I would would be carrying.

When I looked closely to see what this couple were carrying, I was deeply touched. The man was carrying a picture of what appeared to be the couples framed wedding photo.

Meditating upon this picture once again got me in touch with the great power of a single photo and what importance it can have to the heart and soul of its owner.

If you had 10 minutes or less to move out of your home in an emergency, do you have an idea of what would be the most precious belongings you might quickly gather together?

With warm aloha I wish you the very best of all good things and wish that you never have to suffer through such an emergency ~

Richard Marks

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Thank you so much for taking the time to send me this e mail and for your words of encouragement.

I clicked on a link to see your work and ended up browsing for 40 minutes! Wow! I am speechless….Your work is stunning!
In viewing your work your advanced technical skills are immediately apparent in the beautiful lighting and composition of your images.
But what is so heartwarming to me is to see that elegance, drama, romance, passion, and humor are alive and well and so wonderfully portrayed in your images.

In a time when most of the skilled “old time” photographers have been pushed aside and overlooked in favor of inexperienced newcomers with limited talent and skills, it is refreshing to see that the island is recognizing and supporting someone with true talent. You are the whole package…your sensitivity, warmth, sincerity and humor coupled with undeniable skill and talent is a rare combination that any bride would be lucky to experience.

Your photography truly is EXQUSITE!

digital image of original watercolor "Mango Magnificent" by Kathryn Regier