Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Spring!

Aloha and Happy Spring!

I hope your spring is blossoming beautifully on all levels.

I have been quite busy with shooting quite a few weddings as of late. Last week I shot a 2 day wedding in West Maui on the first day and on Mt Haleakala on the 2nd day.

The sweet couple, Ayumi and Yuichiro are from Japan and they are professional dancers and dance teachers. They are quite proud to have performed with their Isinai Dance Troupe for the Emperor and Empress of Japan!

The first day of their wedding was on a sacred Hawaiian site in the West Maui Mountains. The second day of their wedding celebration was with about 50 close friends and fellow dancers on the top of Mt. Haleakala at sunset. It is usually freezing cold at that time but we were blessed with warm temperatures and a beautiful sunset!

I will be adding a gallery of Ayumi and Yuichiro╩╗s wedding in the next several days as well as 3 other galleries from recent weddings. Please feel free to stop back to see them.

In the spirit of aloha, I am putting together a special surprise bonus for all my clients who book their weddings from March until April 20 my birthday. Please feel free to contact me for details about my special spring gift bonus.

With warm aloha,

Richard Marks
Maui Wedding Photographer

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